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Joelle Ehre, LMFT

Collaborative Therapy & Reproductive Counseling

Collaborative conversations that create change…


Our lives are constructed from a multitude of stories. All too often, the stories that get told about us -- by others, as well as by ourselves -- have a way of drowning out our preferred stories, limiting our sense of who we can be in the world.


I help people expand their stories through engaged conversations that open possibilities for change.

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Offering in-person therapy in Oakland, CA and by Telehealth across California.


I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and reproductive counselor with over 15 years experience helping adults of all ages improve their relationships, overcome problems and get in touch with their values, hopes and dreams. Some things that give me joy outside of work are movies, art museums, hiking the Oakland Hills and reading fiction.


Contact Me

My office is located at 3863 Howe Street between 40th Street and MacArthur Boulevard near Kaiser Oakland and the Piedmont Avenue shopping district. There is metered and unmetered parking on Howe and on 40th, and a metered lot on the corner of Howe and 40th behind the shops on Piedmont Avenue.

3863 Howe St

Oakland, CA 94611

Tel: 510-788-0804

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