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Individual Therapy

We all go through times when we can use some help. Individual therapy provides a private space to get support with life’s challenges. Through individual therapeutic conversations, I’ve helped people get relief from depression and anxiety, grieve the loss of a loved one, find peace in the aftermath of trauma, manage the stress of caring for aging parents, and cope with the emotional impact of infertility. My practice is grounded in the idea that people are not defined by their problems. You may choose to meet with me one on one, but that doesn’t mean that the goal is to fix you.

Relationship Therapy

Loving, supportive relationships are key to living a happy, fulfilled life. I help people in intimate relationships learn to resolve differences without fighting and enhance feelings of intimacy and connection. I support people who are in the early stages of building their relationship, considering whether to become parents, coping with the transition to parenthood, or looking to recapture intimacy after many years together.


Our conversations can help you and your partner develop preferred communication practices, get in touch with your shared values, and feel more like you’re in it together. I welcome all relationship styles and structures.


Relationship therapy is not limited to romantic partnership: it can be helpful to adult siblings, business partners or others looking to resolve difference and deepen connection.

Reproductive Counseling

I am passionate about helping people whose reproductive stories deviate from the traditional path.

Relationship Therapy
My practice

Therapy as Meaning-Making Conversation

I think of therapy sessions as conversations — a different kind of conversation than you might have with a friend. When we first meet, we'll take some time to figure out what you're struggling with and discuss your hopes for therapy. My style is very interactive. I'll ask you questions and also share my thoughts and reflections. My hope is that I’ll ask you a question or two that you’ve never been asked before and that these questions will begin to open up new ways of thinking.

A Social Justice Lens

My work is guided by the ideas of Narrative Therapy, a non-pathologizing form of therapy that honors people's strengths and empowers people to make changes according to what they value. Narrative therapy begins with the idea that we make meaning of our lives through stories and that our stories are influenced by what's valued in the broader culture. In our conversations, we'll explore your story, its roots and influences, and uncover new stories that haven't yet been told.

Reproductive Justice


As a white woman in my fifties, I have long identified as a pro-choice feminist. In recent years, I’ve become aware of the privilege inherent in thinking about reproductive rights only as “choice.” The Reproductive Justice movement, started by women of color, goes beyond choice, to look at how reproductive rights are deeply intertwined with the right to access quality health-care, healthy food, and to raise our children in a safe and just world. I strive to align my reproductive counseling work with reproductive justice values.


My Approach

My Approach
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